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June 15 Morning Lectures
Founders Lecture Award Presentation – Bob Jahn
FOUNDERS LECTURE – Brenda Dunne – A View from the Bridge
James Clement van Pelt – The Cult of the Meaningless Coincidence
Bill Bengston & Sarah Beseme – The Reverse Engineering Healing Project
Mike Turner – Further Analysis of Energetic Healing Signals
June 15 Afternoon Lectures
Jim Oschman – The Vortical or Spiral Structure of Light and Space
Ana Flores & Harald Walach – An Emerging New Paradigm for Complementary Medicine: Generalised Entanglement and New Experimental Support
Eileen McKusick – Therapeutic Sound and the Human Biofield
Rick Leskowitz – Phantom Limb Pain
Carl Medwedeff – Solving the Enigma of the Biochemistry of Sleep
June 16 Morning Lectures
Ed Kelly – Science and Postmortem Survival
Julia Sellers – Report of Firsthand Out of Body Experiences
Jeffrey Long – God and the Afterlife: Latest Findings from the Largest Near-Death Study Ever Reported
Gary Schwartz – Procedure for Detecting Subaudible Vocalizations from Hypothesized Collaborating Discarnates: Three Proof-of-Concept Experiments
John Alexander – On Being Dead
June 16 Afternoon Lectures
Garret Moddel – Science Court: A Critique of Impure Reason
Amy Lewis – Dogma, Heresy, and the Religion of Science: Is it Time for a Reformation of Empiricism?
York Dobyns – Strengths and Weaknesses of Multiple Regression Analysis
John Valentino – Retrocausation, Meaning, and Epistemological Challenges in Psi Research
June 16 Late Afternoon Lectures
Ron Westrum - A Hidden Event: Portal Areas
Debra Katz, et. al.Towards a Phenomenological Approach to Psi as a New Model To Psychic Exploration and Understanding Human Perception and Consciousness
Keith Alexander - A Multi-Frequency Replication of the MegaREG Experiments
Sam Sandweiss – A Modern Day “Revelation”: A Case Presentation
Rongwu Liu – The Volume Field Model about Strong Interaction and Weak Interaction
June 17  Morning Lectures
Jerry Pollack – Beyond Water: What Makes the World Go ‘Round?
Martin Pall – Finally, an Established Mechanism for Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields.
Larry Gust – Electrosmog; Effects on Health, Building and Environmental Sources, and how we can Mitigate it
Marsha Adams – Are Invisible Hazards Lurking in your Home Affecting your Health?
June 17 Afternoon Lectures
James Beichler – Physical Origins of the Consciousness Revolution
Herb Mertz – The Human Mind as Models and Moments
Simeon Hein – Implications of the Many Interacting Worlds Model of the Multiverse For our Ideas about Human Personality, Structure, Channeling, and Creativity
George Gantz – The How and the Why of Emergence and Intention
Jason Jorjani – Paranormal Phenomenology
June 18 All-Day Workshop (this workshop is not included in the full set DVD)
René Verrault - Anomalies of Foucault's Pendulum and other mechanical devices during Solar Eclipses