Corporate and Legal Video Production

Event Video excels at working with your company in creating a video message that works within any budget.  "Making what makes sense" is what we like to say, if it's a series of testimonial videos, or a "day in the life" video that will assist in your medical malpractice case, Event Video is your source.

How long will my production take and cost?

That all depends on the scale, budget, and when you need it by.  All that factors in when we create a customized proposal.  That's why there isn't generic prices, every company or Law Firm is different, so every video project is different.

Would we get a chance to make changes?

Yes, the important part of the production process is making sure that review time is factored in.  We want everyone in your management team is happy with the final product!

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Adam Nudelman, owner and operator of Event Video is available, 24/7/365.