Your 2018 Senior Video is now available for download.  This video is free for all Class of 2018 families.  Click the download button below to receive your digital copy of the 30 minute HD Video.  

Keep scrolling down to order the Commencement Ceremony Video on either Flash Drive, DVD, or Digital Download.  This is the full ceremony from June 9, 2018.  Prices for the different formats are on the drop-down menu.  Have questions?  Contact

2018 Senior Video Download Link

And scroll down to order your copy of the full Commencement Ceremony.

Order the Full 2018 St. Paul’s School for Boys Commencement Ceremony today!

1. Click the drop-down menu below and choose the video format you want.
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3. Please allow 8-10 weeks after Graduation ceremony for delivery
4. Flash Drives and DVDs will be delivered via USPS, downloadable video will be delivered via
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